Vanguard History

Vanguard was formed in 1997 by a group of high school friends who had a passion for video games. In Ultima Online we wore the guild name Crimson and roamed Britannia with murderous intent. In Tribes, our clan tag was !mpulse where we played on HomeLAN Federation Shifter servers and were featured in early live streaming tournaments.

  Ultima Online
Star Wars Galaxies   In 2003, Vanguard became our official guild name. We made our mark as a fearsome Rebel guild on Star Wars Galaxies Flurry server. We dominated the Pre-CU PvP scene, had the server’s first unlocked Jedi characters, and built our prosperous city of Mos V on Tatooine next to the popular Tusken Raider spawn.
On November 23rd, 2004, Vanguard secured itself as the first Horde guild created on Ner'zhul. Our early achievements in Vanilla WoW included being one of the first 40 man raiding guilds to successfully clear Molten Core and down Onyxia. Our dedication and progression in PvE and PvP on Ner'zhul made Vanguard a recognized Horde guild.   World of Warcraft
Star Wars: The Old Republic   On December 20th, 2011, Vanguard continued its legacy in Star Wars The Old Republic. Starting on Daragon Trail we quickly formed a talented raid progression team. We ultimately completed all difficulties of 8-man and 16-man 1.3 content on The Bastion server.
Through our history together, over 18 years, we've learned a guild isn't ultimately defined by its achievements and notoriety, but through the friendships and bonds created in the virtual worlds we enjoy.   Mist of Pandaria
Vanguard Defined

What is Vanguard?

  • Vanguard isn't just a guild, it is a community of like-minded team players whose success comes from cooperation. Our guild acts as a vessel of synergistic energy. We promote the progress of the group before the individual and provide a place where positive change starts in the actions of a small number of forward-thinking people.

Who are Vanguard members?

  • We are committed to maintaining the quality of our community.
  • We bring a positive and professional attitude to gaming.
  • We enjoy taking challenges seriously and working together to accomplish goals.

How has Vanguard flourished?

  • By having a Desire to improve, being Determined to progress, and staying Dedicated to our fellow members.
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